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London Paintings

3 Boats - Battersea Bridge

3 Boats - Battersea Bridge, Oil on Board, 42x37cm (framed) £370

Albert Bridge

Albert Bridge, Oil on Board, 75x34cm (framed) £650

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station, Oil on Board, 28x34cm (framed) £350, 25x30cm (unframed)

Pump House – Battersea Park

Camden Lock, Oil on Board, 37x42cm (framed) £395, 30x25cm (unframed)

Coffee Van Hampstead

Coffee Van Hampstead, Oil on Board, 35x43cm (framed) £370, 24x31cm (unframed)

Duke of York Sq Sloane

Duke of York Sq Sloane, Oil on Board, 43x31cm (framed) £375, 31x20cm (unframed)

Elizbeth Tower from Millbank

Elizbeth Tower from Millbank, Oil on Board, 26x39cm (framed) £320, 16x30cm (unframed)

Flags at Canada Gate

Flags at Canada Gate, Oil on Board, 37x42cm (framed) £395, 25x30cm (unframed)

Kensington Gardens Italian Gdn

Kensington Gardens Italian Gdn, Oil on Board, 58x33cm (framed) £650, 47x22cm (unframed)

Natural History Museum Skate

Natural History Museum Skate, Oil on Board, 34x44cm £500 (framed), 31x42cm (unframed)

Royal Exchange Bank

Royal Exchange Bank, Oil on Board, 42x59cm (framed) £680, (unframed) 31x47cm

Russell Sq

Russell Square, Oil on Board, 33x53cm (framed) £495, (unframed) 40x20cm

Rotherhithe Thames Barges

Rotherhithe Thames Barges, Oil on Board, 35x43cm (framed) £370, 31x24cm (unframed)

Proclamation of King

Proclamation of King, Oil on Board, 37x42cm (framed) £395, 2x30cm (unframed)

Westminster Bridge Houses of Parliament

Westminster Bridge Houses of Parliament, Oil on Board, 54x35cm (framed) £475, 41x22cm (unframed)

St Martins in the Fields

St Martin's in the Fields, Oil on Board, 41x72cm (framed) £650, (unframed) 31x61cm

St James Park

St James Park, Oil on Board, 52x42cm (framed) £500, 42x32cm (unframed)


Tania's Cafe, Oil on Board, 28x34cm (framed) £380, 25x30cm (unframed)


Wardour-St-Chinatown, Oil on Board, 28x34cm (framed) £350, 25x30cm (unframed)